Saturday, October 25, 2008

mAd's Audio Podset

My new mix here , The Best & The Newest Tracks of The Week. Check it and Comment .
For Those who Wants The Playlist of my "ep12_My Soul" Contact me by mail.

mAd - ep13_Balou


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Last Post

Yeahhh , I share with u My last mix here ,So i want your point of view . Please tell me what do u think about this mix

Prog & Electro-House

Friday, October 17, 2008

No More

NO More Muzics In this Blog ...
We Are Destroyin' The Muzic Buisness .
We HAVE tO bUY muZIC , Not Steal Them Sorry.

The Blog will Close This Week...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yassir Ezzamel's Post


TyDi feat. Keshia - Closer Than My Breath (Original Mix)
Something very beautiful and interesting from TyDi and Keshia, after I hear "Fool" few months ago, I was amazed by that track . Now it's time for "Closer Than My Breath" another one perfect house tune with great vocal from Keshia. I like the way it starts and the part that the vocal comes, amazing!

Umek & Fergie - Gatex (Fergie Remix)
That irish guy is so sick of producing and remixing techno stuff... Here's something huge, I'm sure you know the old tune from the legend - Umek, "Gatex". Fergie maded a remix few weeks ago and I must said it's sick. Hope you hear it and like that sick techno melody!

Carlos Gallardo vs. Juanjo Martin & Javi Reina - Amitograrka (Original Mix)
Something proggy is always in need. Now it's time to share with you "Amitograrka", what the fuck is that name? :D Anyway, that track has something in the melody that make me feel great. Maybe is the rhythm, maybe the bass line or the incoming interesting melodies on some parts... Very deep proggy, very cool...

MastikSoul - Calanga (Saeed Younan Mix)
And for the final, something from the black guy who everybody loves! Yeah, that is MastikSoul, who other can be? :) "Calanga" with few remixes was released yesterday, I present my favorite to all the people here, from the Saeed Younan, nice dark techy rhythm and bouncy melody. Great job from both producers, me like, haha! :))

Victor Calderone's Top 10 October 2008

Just ENJoyyyyyyyyy !

Monday, October 6, 2008

Exclusive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exclusive on your blog, mAd's Blog

The NeW BOMB From Fred Falke

Fred Falke - Sanctuary

A mad Music , Great Melody , Nice Rythm..........Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Download !!!!!!!!!

Baggi Begovic, Groovenatics - Message (Dj Wady Remix)
Brand new progressive/tech-house tune from well known Baggi Begovic and Groovenatics, called "Message" officially remixed with style by Dj Wady. The remixer set the tune in number one on his chart in Beatport, really amazing sound. I think to include that track in my next set, but I want to share it with you first ... A Monster tune! ;)

Ricky Stone - Shanghai Taxi (Kim Fai's Olympian Remix) (Removed)
Another one remixed with style, this time from Kim Fai, who released his first debut album few weeks ago. That you can expect from the tune is the great techno/tech-house melody and the interesting vocal... So, feel free to welcome in "Shanghai Taxi"... :))

Duca - Snowman (Original Mix)
And for the final a progressive track for all the lovers of that sound. Dusan Sekic also known as Duca released "Snowman" few days ago, very interesting progressive sound and melody. Actually is something between electro-house, tech-house and progressive house genres, but it's
more proggy. eNJOYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

For fans OF Keith Thompson

Nice Melody , Great Vocals , No comment....

EDx Always & Forever

Passenger 10 - Mirage (EDX's Sunshine Remix) Here's something beautiful and progressive for everyone, who loves that sound. Passenger 10 and "Mirage" remixed, charted and recommended by EDX. That remix is amazing, I think EDX trying something different and more harder here. Interesting voice that comes up on some parts in the track, everything you need for a great progressive tune...

Dj Chus, Peter Gelderblom - Feelin' 4 You (Oscar L & Ivan Pica Remix)
When other haves so many remixes of one of the summer bombs "Feelin' 4 You", they missed to buy and share the Oscar L and Ivan Pica's tech-house remix; GREAT tune ..

Umek - Robot Audience (Dandi & Ugo Remix)
Minimal sound to finish ... Today very sick rhythm and some kind of ethno vocals, that are so cool!...

A new Bomb FROM Axwell , But a rip

Saturday, October 4, 2008

another style , Another Bomb

Axwell: (Axtone/Positiva) “The sound is big, im liking this!”

The Dons: (Unlimited Sounds DE) "I really like it, very cool sound"

Sebastien Leger: (Bits/Mistakes)"Sounds good,YES"

Laidback Luke: (Mixmash/Stealth/Size)
"Sounds like an awesome project"

DJ DLG: (Eyezcream/Huge/Subliminal): "One of my favourite tunes from Redroche!"

Arnocost & Norman Doray:(CR2 UK) "Really fresh sound, will support this alot"

Jerry Ropero:(Positiva UK) "Thanx i like it alot"

John Dahlback:(Pickadoll) "YES I LIKE THIS!"

Dave Armstrong: (Eyezcream/Ministry Of Sound) "Works like magic on the floors! Monster tune!!"

No comment , just Listen ! i don't like this style but a lot of u will like it.

Redroche - Give U More (Original Mix)

Redroche - Give U More (Redroche Re-Edit)

Redroche - Give U More (Instrumental Mix)


A VERY GOOD dj "Ashley WAllbridge " he did a lot of great progressive tune like "Spirits" and with the same Meighan Nealon "I Believe " . great vocals .., A wonderfull track , It's rock....!

Brand new remix from one of my favorite russian producers the two brothers - Moonbeam, of the Mafia Mike's "Love Song". Deadly techno/progressive rhythm with a huge and really cool melody. I feel exactly in love when listening that, but I miss the vocals...

"700000" by Khainz. The rhythm and the melody are more harder and the progressive is some kind of dark, but I like it, haha... Really interesting track, with some great moments, you should listen to it...

Friday, October 3, 2008

EN attendant Last Forever Free

fREE (lol)

hey guys i have a good mash up of free . the second best mash up of free after the big "Norman Doray & Tristan Garner Vs Ultranaté - Last Forever Free " actually i have a rip of the track and i will have the full this month . so waintin' for it i present to u this a mash up , a great one ...

More TRAcks

these tracks are not today tracks but tracks that i forget to put this week. Enjoy

  1. Tonya Renee -About You (Tony Loreto And Mario Pagliari Mix)

  2. Tonya Renee - About You (Pablo Martinez Vocal Remix)

  3. Dennis Ferrer feat. K.T. Brooks - Run Free

  4. Spencer And Hill - Right On Time (Original Mix)

  5. Darren Price aka Priceless - Can You Feel It 2008 (Marathon Mix)
  6. R.I.O. - When The Sun Comes Down (Spencer & Hill Remix)

Newssssssssssssss n1

I POST this Track because it's the new and the first remix of rakfunk a part the 1983 one. I didn't like a lot this mash up cause there is no changement on Rakfunk ,THey just putted some ininterristin' vocals.

oh NICE tRACK HERE i wanted to put it before but i had a problem with postin' , Sorry ,
Great Progressive Tune

Thursday, October 2, 2008

WWW ??

I realy didn't like this remix , but it's new and it's from Mr Kurd Maverick, So For all fans of Kurd , Check this sound !!!!!!!!!!


Nice Vocals , The muzic is good but not soooo good , I just post it because it's new , because it's an Eric Morillo track & a Ian carey remix ... lol

Eric Morillo - Jazz It Up (Ian Carey Mix)

Download it , it's just on my blog .

Make You Whole (TV Rock Mix)

A Wonderfull Tech-HouSE frOM sTOCKHOLM sYnDROME , Pretty good Remix from Tv Rock. It was deleated from all other blogs , So download it fastly ;)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pryda new Tracks +o(

PRYDA012 got released today but I really didn't like his tracks . Here you have “Evouh”, maybe the best track in this release (lol) . If U want the others tracks please contact me....

Pryda - Evouh (Original Mix)

Inpetto, a known name for the prog enthusiasts these days, is back with another remix. It’s not that melodic as we are used to but still very mellow and good stuff. You simply can’t get enough of this , a Very good track

Keemo & Tim Royko Feat Cosmo Klein - Beautiful Lie (Inpetto Remix)

Here U have a really good remix from Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher. I haven’t been a fan of Glenn lately but this time I really enjoy the work. Lovely, proggy tune.

Pole Folder Feat Shelley Harland - Love Chemical (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Dub Mix)