Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pryda new Tracks +o(

PRYDA012 got released today but I really didn't like his tracks . Here you have “Evouh”, maybe the best track in this release (lol) . If U want the others tracks please contact me....

Pryda - Evouh (Original Mix)

Inpetto, a known name for the prog enthusiasts these days, is back with another remix. It’s not that melodic as we are used to but still very mellow and good stuff. You simply can’t get enough of this , a Very good track

Keemo & Tim Royko Feat Cosmo Klein - Beautiful Lie (Inpetto Remix)

Here U have a really good remix from Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher. I haven’t been a fan of Glenn lately but this time I really enjoy the work. Lovely, proggy tune.

Pole Folder Feat Shelley Harland - Love Chemical (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Dub Mix)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I wanted some more tracks please. Thank you.
Rishabh Sharma

sep08 said...

Thank you for the great tracks.Your taste in house music is very similar to mine, looking forward to the new posts :)