Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally The Vocal Mix :)

John Dahlback, Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels ft. Terri B - Can't Slow Down (Morphine) (Vocal Mix)

Wooohooo! Finally I have it. The vocal mix of John Dahlback, Francesco Diaz and Young Rebels's "Morphine (Can't Slow Down). Anyway, Terri B has a perfect voice. Voice that can touch your heart and go so deep in it. . Anyway, here is the Track that most of you want so much and finally you can have it with a little help from me, haha... lol

Oliver Morgenroth - Jet Stream (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
You say you like progressive house tracks. But do you listen about the master of the dark progressive house sound? Definitely one of the best in this industry of making sick tracks with a dark progressive melody is the Marcelo Vasami from Argentina. If you didn't hear about him you can listen "The MP Project" with Pablo Roma or some new tracks like "Is Back" or "Loud"... That track was released on ASOT few weeks ago. Actually the track genre is something between progressive trance and very dark progressive house music... Enjoy !!!

Daniel Strauss - Raumgleiter (Niels Van Gogh & Daniel Strauss 'Evil Girls On Elektro' Remix)
"Raumgleiter" by Daniel Strauss, officially remixed by Daniel Strauss and Niels Van Gogh. Great sound, actually the track is something between techno and tech-house..but it's very good and perfect for clubs in my opinion...

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