Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally The Vocal Mix :)

John Dahlback, Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels ft. Terri B - Can't Slow Down (Morphine) (Vocal Mix)

Wooohooo! Finally I have it. The vocal mix of John Dahlback, Francesco Diaz and Young Rebels's "Morphine (Can't Slow Down). Anyway, Terri B has a perfect voice. Voice that can touch your heart and go so deep in it. . Anyway, here is the Track that most of you want so much and finally you can have it with a little help from me, haha... lol

Oliver Morgenroth - Jet Stream (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
You say you like progressive house tracks. But do you listen about the master of the dark progressive house sound? Definitely one of the best in this industry of making sick tracks with a dark progressive melody is the Marcelo Vasami from Argentina. If you didn't hear about him you can listen "The MP Project" with Pablo Roma or some new tracks like "Is Back" or "Loud"... That track was released on ASOT few weeks ago. Actually the track genre is something between progressive trance and very dark progressive house music... Enjoy !!!

Daniel Strauss - Raumgleiter (Niels Van Gogh & Daniel Strauss 'Evil Girls On Elektro' Remix)
"Raumgleiter" by Daniel Strauss, officially remixed by Daniel Strauss and Niels Van Gogh. Great sound, actually the track is something between techno and tech-house..but it's very good and perfect for clubs in my opinion...

Mark Knight's Top 10 September 2008

Mark Knight & Funkagenda vs. Paul Thomas - Arena (MK's Very Clubby Mix)
#2. Nikitin & Semikashev - Floppy (Matteo DiMarr Rework)
#3. Mark Trophy - Ripper (Koen Groenveld Crosswind Remix)
#4. FPS - Mist (Original Mix)
#5. Einmusik - K5000 (Original Mix)
#6. Tensake - Congolal (Original Mix)
#7. Mark Mendes - Straight Away (Original Mix)
#8. Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance (Original Mix)
#9. Roberto Rodriguez feat. Max C. - Ride With Me (Original Mix)
#10. Paul Ritch, Handycraft & Okain - Le Bal Basque (Catz N' Dogz Mix)



O, Superman!

Booka Shade & M.A.N.D.Y. feat. Laurie Anderson - O Superman (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
Yeah, huge track... After the perfect "Body Language" from Booka Shade and M.A.N.D.Y. in the last few years, now is time for something even more huge... "O Superman" by Laurie Anderson, officially re-maded and re-worked by Booka Shade and M.A.N.D.Y., that remix of Felix Da Housecat is on the electro/progressive house line, but is so cool, even I like it... Anyway, that is massive production. Enjoy!

David West & Ida Edenberg - The Giant From Nibiru (Original Mix)
Interesting tune from well known David West and Ida Edenberg. Great tech-house melody and nice vibe that keep you in good mood and make you dance... That tune has a lot of potential and there's something special in that melody... Only good words about that track, nothing more...

Devilfish & Roel Salemnik - Manalive (Jon Rudell Remix)
Really hard and dark minimal techno sound from Devilfish and Roel Salemnik with the tune called "Manalive". Currently #2 on Beatport and one of the sickest techno tracks that I ever listened so far. I like that sound, everybody likes the harder tracks.

Marc Romboy - Karambolage (Oxia Remix)
And I'm gonna finish that post with a minimal track. Played by so many various deejays so far. It's the "Karambolage" from Marc Romboy and officially remixed by Oxia. Also here we have something special in that deep minimal sound. Oxia did a great job by remixing this track!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kim Fai - Kissing in Krakow (2008) / Debut Album

I present to u today a wonderfull progressive album from Kim Fai , ALL these tracks wer played by Mark knight and Funkagenda

I don't gIVE U THE nUMBER 4 bECAUSE i WILL put it on MY NEXT mix .

Enjoy & Comment !!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

mORE pRogressive

LOOOOL , A dinka man

Dinka - Meaningful Story (Jaytech Remix)
All other Blogs post the new track of Dinka "Kazantip" and say great words about it, bla-bla-bla... Actually I don't like that track, so I will post something more interesting from Dinka and I hope you will tell me what you think about it. It's called "Meaningful Story" and it's remixed by Jaytech, the progressive lovers must know him.

Musetta - Red Star (Michael Cassette Mix)
Another progressive house tune, from another guy that I like - Michael Cassette, great producer and remixer, dj also, lol . Anyway, that tune is interesting, the vocal also is nice for listening and everything is great from first look. "Red Star, where ever you are..." La-la-la, nice voice! :))

Roman S., Generic Costume - Go (Dj Primat Remix)
It's time for another progressive tune, this time from Roman S. (not Roman Salzger) and Generic Costume. The track is called "Go" and I think is perfect for progressive house sets and mixes. Remixed officially by Dj Primat (bof)... Anyway, it's little bit hard from the other progressive tune in the topic, but who cares?...

Dandi & Ugo vs. Piatto - Geodon (Psycho Version)
I finish my post with a freaky minimal track. For the lovers of sick, freaky and psycho minimal/techno tunes . Dandi and Ugo always make me sick when I listen a production or remix of them. Actually here they are vs Piatto, another crazy minimal producer from Italia and Italobusiness (the label that released the track). So enjoy that, "Geodon (Psycho Version)"... what else?? ;)

Fox Vs mAd

Electro-House & Prog

Proggy Sunday!

Thomas Schwartz - Uranus and Oberon (Original Mix)
Anyway, so it's sunday and I have few tracks for you. Of course as the title says, most of the tracks are in progressive house style. So I'm starting with something new from the guy who everybody loves... Yeah, that is Thomas Schwartz

Kosmas Epsilon - Soho (Original Mix)
I continue with the progressive music this time with a track from Kosmas Epsilon. After the dub mix of Inkfish and David West's "Hello Piano" and after "Uni" remixed by George Delkos, Kosmas Epsilon produces quality and full of energy progressive tracks. I like that style, it's not just proggressive... is something little bit different, but very interesting.

Kamakura ENV - Daydream (Elfsong Reverie Mix)
Maybe you don't know anything about Elfsong, but it's a great Dj . Here's something new and freshly remixed from Elfsong. This muzic is something between progressive and deep house. Soulful, deepful and relaxing ;)


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hey, Deadmau5 just released his new album and I have a surprise for the people who love him. . I will not give you the second edit of "Brazil", naah... I will give you something more interesting, played by Chris Lake, Sebastien Leger and others... also it was played few times by Deadmau5 of course. That tune will blow your progressive house minds!

Remember My NAme

A wonderfull Track That I share with U

L-YAS day

I have the pleasure to post this amazing selection of my friend ILYAS , who will soon lunch his Connexion Mix for the first time exclusive on my blog. Enjoy!

Diovanni feat saynne g - i feel the party (gustavo assis remix)

Celvin Rotane - I Believe (Dabruck & Klein Remix)

T.E.D.D. - Lady riding (Modjo)

Electrixx - Error

Deadmau5 - Fustercluck

Marilyn manson - The beautiful people (Sebastien leger remix) Rip

Dan saenz & Ron reeser - Cruel world (Wolfgang gartner kindergarten slam mix)

Hell ektrik - Bulls on parade (Original mix)

Feel Free to Add Comments.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funkagenda & Paul Thomas - Thrapp! (Original Mix)
When we talk about huge releases and massive tracks we must never forget about Funkagenda, even not forget about Paul Thomas. They both work so hard on few tracks latest year. After "Arena" with Mark Knight, here is "Thrapp!" that is more than brutal tech-house track. That is so sick tune, guys. Also you should wait few more weeks for "Gornal" from both again and "Let's Get Back" on CDR, maybe will be not released, only Funkagenda and Paul Thomas know that and the label that we all don't know for the moment. Anyway, enjoy "Thrapp!" :))

Christian Duran & Julian Poker - Scorpions (D-Formation Remix)
By the way these are tracks that you can't find on any other blogs . "Scorpions" from Christian Duran and Julian Poker, remixed by D-Formation. Three big names here, so the exclusive is for real... Included in some charts for september this year.
Oscar L - Gigabass (Original Mix)
I continue with the techy stuff and next stop is the new track of Oscar L called "Gigabass". Wow, that tune seriously take me away. Very interesting and catchy melody. I always like the Oscar L's stuff, like remixes, mixes and productions. Included in many charts for this month...

Erphun - 2wo Butterflies (Oliver Moldan & Norman Zube Remix)
It's just like... today is the tech-house and techno day right here, haha. Anyway, I' continue with something also very good. "2wo Butterflies", hm interesting name... from Erphun. The best remix for me was that - Oliver Moldan and Norman Zube. These guys really do a great job and keep me in the mood of sharing good and quality techno tracks... :))

Cirez D - Lateg (Pig & Dan Remix)
And the last track in this post is the full quality "Laget?" of Cirez D aka Eric Prydz, aka Pryda - you know this swede sick guy... Everybody knows him. Anyway, in my opinion the Pig and Dan remix of "Laget?" is the best. Very tech, very minimal, very strong. So start downloading...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

That's ReAL F*ckin' Music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audible - Forever (Original Mix)

Audible - Moments (Original Mix)

Two Pur Bommmmmbs

Tech / Tech- House .........

Kriece - Wookie Nipple Pinchy (Add2basket And Smartminds Remix)

Sebastian Davidson - Ice Worlds (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Lemon Inc - Like Fuew (Dana Bergquist & Peder G Remix)

Delicious & Abigail Bailey - Bounce (Original Mix)

Radio Fg (20-09-2008)

DA FRESH - FG DJ Radio (Underground FG)-20-09-2008

FAFA MONTECO - FG DJ Radio (Underground FG)-20-09-2008

NICOLAS NUCCI - FG DJ Radio (Underground FG)-20-09-2008

David Morales-Def Mix (Radio FG)-SAT-09-20-2008

Mark Knight-Club FG (Radio FG)-09-20-SAT-2008

Laidback Luke-Club FG (Radio FG)-09-20-SAT-2008

Bob Sinclar-FG DJ Radio (Radio FG)-09-20-SAT-2008

D.O.N.S., Club FG (Radio FG) (20-09-2008)

Cedric Gervais, Club FG (Radio FG) (20-09-2008)

Pete Tong


Sorry for not postin' yesterday , i wasn't at home .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top 20 by mAd

  1. The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme - 2008 Re-Edit
  2. Stereo MCs - Black Gold - Fedde Le Grand Remix
  3. Laidback Luke, Roman Salzger - Generation Noise feat. Boogshe - Original Mix
  4. Robbie Rivera - Girlfriend 2008 - Laurent Wolf Remix
  5. Andy Caldwell - Funk Nasty feat. Gram'ma Funk - Wolfgang Gartner Remix
  6. Funk Fanatics - Love Is The Answer (Freemasons Remix)
  7. Lucardo Parena - Let It Be Me feat. Antonia Lucas - First Sunlight Remix
  8. Milk & Sugar, MS2 - Stay Around (For This) - Spencer & Hill Remix
  9. Wiley - Summertime (Bart B More Remix)
  10. Craig Robin - Rock Chick feat. Sammy Jay - Bellrock Remix

  11. Matt Myer - Rock On 2008 - Chris Montana & NiQ Mix
  12. S&H Project - Right On Time - Original Mix
  13. Spartaque - Bleepy - Andrea Bertolini Remix
  14. Blake Jarrell - The Drugs (Rene Amesz Remix)
  15. Dirtcaps - Prydamore (Original Mix)
  16. Big World & Denis The Menace - Show Me A Reason (Original Mix)
  17. DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta - United - Robbie Rivera Mix
  18. Richard Durand - Weep (Sundown Mix)
  19. Kurd Maverick, Azin - Let The Freak Out - Gold Ryan & Tapesh Remix
  20. Who's Who - Klack - Inpetto Remix

Can You Feel Sexy Girl 2008???

Elite force - No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Mix)

D-jaz - What (Orginal)

Ian Oliver - Skankin (Ian Oliver & Tom Wax Remix)

DJ Pearl Feat Jeremy Carr - Sexy Girl 2008 (Malibu Breeze Remix)

Todd Terry Pres CLS - Can You Feel It 2008 (Ericke Remix)

Tiger Stripes - Blackroom Entertainment EP

fan of guitar

Charo - Espana Cani (Peitor Angell's Main Floor Club Remix)

Eagles - Hotel California (Latino Guitar Mix)

Sergio Del Rio - Guloo (Gambafreaks vs. Fedo Mix)

Dario Nunez - Wednesday Guitar (Dario Nunez Feeling Mix)

Rhythm Punkz - Bonchicha (Lime Remix)


Whelan & Di Scala meets Oliver Lang - Waterfall (Original Mix)

Daniel Portman - Battle Scars (George Delkos Remix)

Mark Knight & Funkagenda vs. Paul Thomas - Arena (Festival Mix)

Marc Romboy - Elif (Jimpster Remix)

Dariush - Bungalow (Original Mix)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

radio shows • (14-09-2008)


CJ Stone - Shining Star (Inpetto Remix)

The Best remix of Shining Star.

Rak Funk Miami

Black Gold

In The Dark

Tiesto ft Christian Burns - In The Dark (Dirty South Remix)

Rihanna - Disturbia (Dave Reality Remix)

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (The Freemasons Rebuild)

City Life ft. DD - San Fransisco (D.O.N.S. vs DBN Remix)

Lykke Li - Dance, Dance, Dance (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #4)

Dada Life - Sweeter Than Fever (David West & Ida Engberg Remix)

Djaimin ft Crystal Re-Clear vs Alex Wizz - Give You Drummin' (AFTC's Balearic Bootleg)

Steve Angello - Gypsy (ALVARO Remix)

AFTC - Bad Habbit (Gimic Remix)

Pink Aliens


Alex Dimou - Pink Aliens (Maurizio Gubellini Remix)

Progressive BOMMMBQ

mAd's Audio Podset