Sunday, September 28, 2008

mORE pRogressive

LOOOOL , A dinka man

Dinka - Meaningful Story (Jaytech Remix)
All other Blogs post the new track of Dinka "Kazantip" and say great words about it, bla-bla-bla... Actually I don't like that track, so I will post something more interesting from Dinka and I hope you will tell me what you think about it. It's called "Meaningful Story" and it's remixed by Jaytech, the progressive lovers must know him.

Musetta - Red Star (Michael Cassette Mix)
Another progressive house tune, from another guy that I like - Michael Cassette, great producer and remixer, dj also, lol . Anyway, that tune is interesting, the vocal also is nice for listening and everything is great from first look. "Red Star, where ever you are..." La-la-la, nice voice! :))

Roman S., Generic Costume - Go (Dj Primat Remix)
It's time for another progressive tune, this time from Roman S. (not Roman Salzger) and Generic Costume. The track is called "Go" and I think is perfect for progressive house sets and mixes. Remixed officially by Dj Primat (bof)... Anyway, it's little bit hard from the other progressive tune in the topic, but who cares?...

Dandi & Ugo vs. Piatto - Geodon (Psycho Version)
I finish my post with a freaky minimal track. For the lovers of sick, freaky and psycho minimal/techno tunes . Dandi and Ugo always make me sick when I listen a production or remix of them. Actually here they are vs Piatto, another crazy minimal producer from Italia and Italobusiness (the label that released the track). So enjoy that, "Geodon (Psycho Version)"... what else?? ;)

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