Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funkagenda & Paul Thomas - Thrapp! (Original Mix)
When we talk about huge releases and massive tracks we must never forget about Funkagenda, even not forget about Paul Thomas. They both work so hard on few tracks latest year. After "Arena" with Mark Knight, here is "Thrapp!" that is more than brutal tech-house track. That is so sick tune, guys. Also you should wait few more weeks for "Gornal" from both again and "Let's Get Back" on CDR, maybe will be not released, only Funkagenda and Paul Thomas know that and the label that we all don't know for the moment. Anyway, enjoy "Thrapp!" :))

Christian Duran & Julian Poker - Scorpions (D-Formation Remix)
By the way these are tracks that you can't find on any other blogs . "Scorpions" from Christian Duran and Julian Poker, remixed by D-Formation. Three big names here, so the exclusive is for real... Included in some charts for september this year.
Oscar L - Gigabass (Original Mix)
I continue with the techy stuff and next stop is the new track of Oscar L called "Gigabass". Wow, that tune seriously take me away. Very interesting and catchy melody. I always like the Oscar L's stuff, like remixes, mixes and productions. Included in many charts for this month...

Erphun - 2wo Butterflies (Oliver Moldan & Norman Zube Remix)
It's just like... today is the tech-house and techno day right here, haha. Anyway, I' continue with something also very good. "2wo Butterflies", hm interesting name... from Erphun. The best remix for me was that - Oliver Moldan and Norman Zube. These guys really do a great job and keep me in the mood of sharing good and quality techno tracks... :))

Cirez D - Lateg (Pig & Dan Remix)
And the last track in this post is the full quality "Laget?" of Cirez D aka Eric Prydz, aka Pryda - you know this swede sick guy... Everybody knows him. Anyway, in my opinion the Pig and Dan remix of "Laget?" is the best. Very tech, very minimal, very strong. So start downloading...

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