Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi ALL , i JUST Write this today to know how can i bring more visitors and how can i satisfy them . that's why i need all ur critiks , TO KNOW what's good and what's wrong with this blog . thanks


Let all yours critiks on the comments part of this post.


basssemo said...

to be better i think you can
1- add your opinion in every song you upload
2- change the look of the blog
3- add charts and tops
finaly thank you for this blog , very excellent job
bassemo from tunisia

House HOuse House by mAd said...

thank u bassimo

Anonymous said...

i agree with bassimo leav some comment for the songs and change skin :) really good blog by the way!! keep up the good work :)) greetings from Hungary

House HOuse House by mAd said...

thanks anonymous ;)