Monday, October 6, 2008

Baggi Begovic, Groovenatics - Message (Dj Wady Remix)
Brand new progressive/tech-house tune from well known Baggi Begovic and Groovenatics, called "Message" officially remixed with style by Dj Wady. The remixer set the tune in number one on his chart in Beatport, really amazing sound. I think to include that track in my next set, but I want to share it with you first ... A Monster tune! ;)

Ricky Stone - Shanghai Taxi (Kim Fai's Olympian Remix) (Removed)
Another one remixed with style, this time from Kim Fai, who released his first debut album few weeks ago. That you can expect from the tune is the great techno/tech-house melody and the interesting vocal... So, feel free to welcome in "Shanghai Taxi"... :))

Duca - Snowman (Original Mix)
And for the final a progressive track for all the lovers of that sound. Dusan Sekic also known as Duca released "Snowman" few days ago, very interesting progressive sound and melody. Actually is something between electro-house, tech-house and progressive house genres, but it's
more proggy. eNJOYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!


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